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Insuring the best quality of building hardware, has been our commitment for decades.
Meeting the highest market requirements,which include full durability of hardware when using windows and doors, corrosion resistance and quality assurance, are regularly checked and properly proven in our internal laboratories and at the German institute IFT Rosenheim, where we have been obtaining quality certificates for hardware for many years.

The IFT Rosenheim Institute acts as the leading body for the holistic view of building components and structures and monitors the window, door and facade industry in Europe. All issues related to standards, research, accreditations and verification tests, calculations or certificates are taken care of by a team of scientists and engineers from various professional fields, who check the properties of products in state-of-the-art laboratories.
Therefore, we are even more proud and pleased to announce that in November we obtained a certificate according to the EN13126-8 standard, according to the QM 328 scheme on PVC profiles, issued by IFT Rosenheim.

Our goals were aimed at achieving the highest durability class H3, which defines inertia and load tests on a turn&tilt hardware.
The performed test includes testing of PVC windows and balcony doors with a load of 100 kg. The test first performs 20,000 tilt cycles, then 20,000 turn cycles (opening at 90 °), then the open window is loaded with an additional load of 100 kg for 5minutes, and finally an obstacle collision test is performed. In parallel with this test,we performed a renewal test against corrosion protection, which was carried out according to EN 1670. In this test we achieve the highest level of surface protection, i.e. level 5, which represents 480 hours in a salt chamber without red corrosion.

When using windows and doors, the hardware is an essential component that ensures their long-term functionality, but too often overlooked vital element that is essential for functionality and quality service of windows or doors. 
The certified ARX building hardware once again proves its quality and durability, which ensures that living can become an art of the highest quality, and at the same time the certificate is a commitment for all of us to continue and take care of quality at all levels in the future.

Bringing top quality into every home or workplace is a mission that we diligently follow in order to provide people with well-being and the best living experience.


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