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NEW ift CERTIFICATE for ARX door locks!

NEW ift CERTIFICATE for ARX door locks!


More than 10 million HL door locks installed around the world and more than 35 years of experience with the door program makes us one of the manufacturers with the longest tradition and the richest experiences in Europe and proves that the quality of the ARX brand has been a commitment for decades.

We are proud to be able to start 2022 with a newly acquired certificate EN 1191, EN 12400, according to the QM 342 scheme for door locks issued by ift Rosenheim, an institute that is a leading authority in window and door hardware testing in Europe.

We successfully passed the test that extends the validity of our current QM 342 certificate with Ift Rosenheim for HL door locks. The certificate covers HL locks with backsets 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 65, face plate 16x2, 20x2 and U24x6, face plate 2000, 2200 and 2500 mm and 4R and 4RS.

Our certification confirms our commitment to verifiable process and product quality standards. Our locks have passed the ifn Rosenheim test according to prEN 15685: 2011, which defines life cycle test with 200,000 cycles and the mechanical load tests. In addition to the above, the door locks were tested for the quality of corrosion protection coating and operation at high temperatures. In accordance to QM 342 certification scheme, Kovinoplastika Lož undertakes periodic cyclic testing of door locks and mechanical testing of key door lock components. Compliance with the QM 342 certification scheme shows our commitment that a leading testing authority that is ift Rosenheim periodically assesses our production processes and quality system.

To ensure the functionality of the doors, the building hardware is an essential element that allows their long-term functionality. ARX HL door locks are designed and tested to ensure safety and longevity. In addition to high security, they are adapted to harsh climate environment and ensure good gasket compression along the whole height of the door sash. Good sealing enables lower energy consumption due to reduced thermal energy and also improves sound insulation. Reliability and ease of use of our HL door lock, in addition to the modular design, HL door locks also provides exceptionally high level of flexibility, since the door height can be increased by using a variety of combinations. By using different closing elements such as R-cams or RS cams and hooks, ARX enables end users increasing levels of security when ensuring the security of their home.

With the obtained certificate ARX building hardware, pursues the goal and mission to ensure that living can become an art of the highest quality, which provides people with well-being and the best living experience.



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