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ARX innovation wins a gold award!

ARX innovation wins a gold award!


The ARX brand presented the ARX DOOR Automatic Self-Adjusting Security System for doors, an innovation on a global scale.
The solution ensures excellent door performance, automatic closing and automatic regulation of the door leaf pressure.

The innovation originates from a problem experienced by a user while using the entrance door, in which the door leaf bends due to temperature fluctuations. With this solution, the door leaf is always pressed against the frame with optimum force, ensuring that the door closes and opens smoothly.

ARX's development department and a team of engineers have studied the entire system in detail, which includes not only the building hardware, PVC profiles and door seals, but also external factors such as temperature fluctuations, direct UV radiation, humidity and other weather influences.

The comprehensive approach to the challenge led to a versatile solution - the ASASS Automatic Self-Adjusting Security System for doors, consisting of a self-adjusting locking mechanism, an automatic hook mechanism and a Comfort automatic door lock mechanism.


The system primarily ensures that the steel hooks are automatically activated and self-locked whenever the door leaf is closed. The hot-forged steel ensures the excellent mechanical properties of the hook, which essentially provides the security of the door or the security of the user's home.

In addition to the automatic operation of the door lock, the innovation's sophisticated mechanism ensures that the door leaf is always pressed against the frame with optimum force, despite changing weather conditions. Thanks to the self-adjusting feature, the performance of the self-adjusting locking device is always optimal, regardless of the curvature of the door leaf, and ensures a long service life of the entire door.

It also reduces heat loss caused by inadequate door sealing, and reduces the intrusion of ambient noise, which is important when the housing is located close to noise sources (road).

The integrated rotating element in the self-adjusting striker innovatively ensures minimal friction of the system during the door-opening phase. This ensures that the door can be opened comfortably throughout its lifetime, making it easy for children and the elderly to use them. The rotating element drastically reduces the operating force, which in turn reduces friction between the individual moving elements of the system.




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