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ARX innovation wins silver award!

ARX innovation wins silver award!


The ARX development team attended the award ceremony and received a silver award for the innovativon Self-Adjusting Security System for Doors.

This innovation is a novelty on a global scale because it provides automatic regulation of the pressure of the door leaf, allowing for excellent front door operation, automatic closing, and added safety.

Based on years of experience and knowledge of industry trends, the ARX team of experts understands the importance of continuous innovation as one of the leading providers in the field of building hardware. As a result, meeting the expectations of not only customers, but also end users who require a durable and high-quality door, is a priority for all employees. The portfolio is designed to meet the industry's requirements and purposes, and it provides comfort, safety, and energy efficiency.

ARX also looks to the future in terms of functionality, surface anti-corrosion protection, and quality, which is why it is the first company in this field to provide a lifetime warranty on its products.

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