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When it comes to window hardware, ARX is the answer

When it comes to window hardware, ARX is the answer


At ARX, we understand that windows truly are an integral part of any construction, whether it is industrial architecture, an office building, or a home. When you think about it, the most important, but unfortunately often overlooked factor that ultimately adds the most value to the functionality of windows and their long-term reliability is the quality of the window hardware. Its features protect us from external and climatic influences, while also rounding out the appearance of the windows. ARX window solutions incorporate every aspect important to the end user - they are characterized by timeless design, the best engineering, and well-thought-out technology, all while following the highest industrial standards for security and thermal insulation properties.


All parts of a window hardware system - cylinders, hinges, locks, and so on - are manufactured with durable functionality in mind, using only the finest materials available. At the same time, the highest quality materials, functionality, and expert design provide fabricators with a simple assembly and application of window hardware for virtually any commercial or residential building. While providing exceptional benefits and ease of operation to the end user - excellent sealing of the window sashes, reduced heat loss and contribution to energy cost savings, noise reduction, smooth and even operation with the least amount of effort.
We have complete confidence in our window hardware solutions due to the approach described above and proven quality. Because the ARX window hardware is truly designed to last for decades, we offer a Lifetime Warranty on our building hardware functionality.


Understanding industry standards and following market demands allow us to do more than just sell products. We offer window hardware that gives everyone a competitive advantage, whether you are a fabricator or an end user/homeowner. ARX window hardware's customised design solutions, modern performance, and exceptional overall quality all contribute to the value of your project.
New growth opportunities are one click away. Do not overlook the numerous advantages that ARX window hardware offers. Book a meeting or speak with an ARX expert.

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